PHP Codeigniter Services in india

PHP Codeigniter system is a powerful structure used for building completely functional element applications. PHP Codeigniter developers from 3waysolution give financially cost PHP solution according to the clients’ requirements.

Being founded on MVC design, Codeigniter development gives you a chance to part the information from visual introduction and application rationale. Regardless of whether you need to manufacture little or vast application, strong and simple to oversee applications can be assembled using PHP Codeigniter development.

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We have a group of PHP Codeigniter framework developers who offer unmatched applications at top-notch costs. Our PHP Codeigniter developers are highly skilled and proficient to help your business achieve new levels. They comprehend your requirements and help you with highlight rich Codeigniter applications. The PHP Codeigniter engineers working with us stay refreshed with the most recent patterns and updates to convey the best answers for our customers over the globe.

Why choose  3waysolution for Codeigniter development?

  • We offer outstanding execution of the applications
  • Developer have tremendous aptitude in PHP CodeIgniter , HTML5, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript
  • Clear and exhaustive documentation
  • Adherence to strict coding rules

whether you need to install, relocate or develop custom application using Codeigniter, we can convey the best arrangement that helps your business develop. We guarantee that you deliver the best solution that helps your financial plan. You can depend on us for mistake free and faultless Codeigniter development tourism websites. We have some expertise in Codeigniter development for tourism sites, work entries, informal communities, internet business sites, corporate sites and a great deal more.

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You can hire dedicated PHP Codeigniter developers from us who might have the capacity to convey every one of the sorts of undertakings. Feature rich applications we develop for our clients help to accelerate your business.

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Magento development shopping Card softwere

There are few types of ecommerce websites that don’t really need a dbms system behind.

They serve a specific commodity in limited and typical range everytime with no expanding of the upper and lower bounds.
If required, customer can buy more simply through multiple transactions by ordering online.

Shop owners who possess and sell commodity that is applied many filters or choices have to attach sophisticated database system.

For instance, Flipkart is a full-fledged, multi paradigm e-commerce system where providing even mini shopping cart on every page is meaningful to keep customers continuing.

Visitors can
– track the progress of their orders
– update their account details
– contact a customer support department for verifying traversing luggage location etc.

Notably, Yahoo Aabaco stores is the only solution currently that has mini cart facility by default. In other e-commerce packages, we have to build it.

We will see many features of shopping cart software in our next post.

3waysolution  is a top-notch off-shore web development center with s pecialized  resources on #HTML, MagentoWordPress and Yahoo store platform in its entirety.

For any website security related issues, feel free to contact us at:

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How PHP and OOPs concepts meet the perfect match with Laravel Framework

Laravel is a PHP framework that is free and developed as a open source framework. It utilizes the MVC structure. Laravel has grown rapidly since it was launched to become on of the most popular PHP frameworks.

Laravel implements Object oriented concepts with the help of the basic OOPS features in PHP. Here is a list of features that shows how Laravel implements them:

Laravel implements the MVC framework. The ‘Model’ component is designed to communicate with the database. This helps us create a database access abstraction layer.

The ‘Controller’ component is designed to be used for the business logic. Hence all the logic related to how the calculations or features are implemented resides here. Developing this way encouraging implementing OOPs concepts of code reuse and modules.

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Laravel implements the Blade template engine which makes it easy for theLaravel Developer to seperate the business login and database from the view element (theme or layout) of the website. Thus it is possible to implement the object oriented concepts while designing the layout. This makes it easy to modify layout or install a new one.

PHP offers several objected oriented programming tools and features. It allows the database to be handled in OOPS style by providing an abstraction layer (PDO).

PHP has several good features like accessing database via PDO, the ability to traverse file of XML file via SimpleXML. It also allows use of date and time features.

Laravel implements many good PHP features in the framework.

Laravel implement ‘Name Spacing’ feature in its framework. There are several frameworks that implement the routing via the composer through auto loading. However Laravel has now chosen to implement the PSR-4 route and make use of the objected oriented feature ‘Name Spacing.

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Laravel implements the Eloquent ORM which is an objected oriented mapping of sorts to provide database access. This is an advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern.

Laravel also provides a ‘Query Builder’ that makes it possible to access the database in a more direct method.

Among the other feature provided by Laravel, there is database seeding, unit testing, automatic pagination, etc.

Laravel development with 3waysolution

3waysolution is a web development company that has been around since quite a while now. They have come a long way since there were established with constant growth and development. They continue to expand, with better facilities. With highly skilled and experiencedlaravel developers and several other team members to provide support, 3waysolution is the perfect choice for yourLaravel


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How to create a ecommerce website

We’ve all seen blogs – both personal and business – launch with great imagination and aspirations, only to eventually fade away and fail.

A company blog is a tremendous asset for e-commerce companies and the benefits are numerous.

Four Reasons E-commerce Sites Need Blogs

If you’ve yet to start a blog for your e-commerce website, then it’s probably because you don’t understand the value it could provide your brand. Let’s take a look at a few of the top reasons why thousands of e-commerce sites have made the plunge and the investment.

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  1. Blogs give your brand a voice

Today’s marketplace is filled with noise, but the reality is that you control very little of it. Customers go to social media to voice their opinions in an extremely public fashion. Internet message boards pick apart your products and services. Competitors can make claims against you and distribute these ideas via their own channels.

While it’s not all negative, it’s a little scary to know that other people control your brand’s story.

When you launch a blog, you’re in total control and can express thoughts and ideas without having to go through another channel.

This does a few things for your brand:

  • Establishes trust.Imagine that a new customer lands on your site. What type of experience do they have? Are they greeted by cold product pages and commercialized sales tactics, or do they feel at home? If you don’t have a blog, it’s possible that your website lacks a personal feel. A blog builds trust with your visitors by humanizing your brand and breathing life into the onsite experience.
  • Builds thought leadership.Think about the different thought leaders in your niche and then consider what it is that fuels this perception. In almost every case, they maintain active blogging presences and consistently publish content under their name. Well, the same is true for e-commerce brands. If you want to build thought leadership, a branded blog is the best way to do so. Over time, a regular commitment will give you a chance to become labeled an “industry expert.”
  • Clarifies your beliefs.Your story will get told. And as previously mentioned, you tell your story or someone else will tell it for you. We can all agree that the former is preferred. Should someone attack your brand , your blog is a space where you can safely and quickly respond.

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  1. Blogs generate traffic

Website traffic is obviously important in e-commerce, right? Well, blogging is one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic and monetizable leads.

Here’s a little visual to help you understand just how helpful blogging is for generating traffic. Pretend you just built a massive department store in downtown Manhattan. It’s a beautiful building right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York City. But there’s one problem: The building only has a single door on the side. It has no signage, windows, or anything. The only way someone would find the door is if they were looking for it.

See the problem? There are people all around you, but there’s nothing welcoming them inside. In fact, even if they want to come in, they have to work hard to find the entry point. If you have an e-commerce site without a blog, this is essentially what your website looks like on the internet. Sure, they can find their way in via the homepage or an individual product page, but it’s nearly impossible.

Now, let’s assume that you realize that your department store in Manhattan has a problem and decide to add a total of two more entrances with windows, branded signage, and lights. Suddenly, more customers start shopping at your store. Then you add two more entrances, complete with an escalator that goes directly to the second floor. Now you have more shoppers than you know what to do with.

This is what it’s like to add a blog to an e-commerce site. With each new post, you’re creating an additional portal to your site. Blogs increase your site’s visibility and generate traffic – it’s that simple.

  1. Blogs help you with SEO 

A blog is your way of telling Google and other search engines that your website is active and relevant. This tells them to crawl your site more frequently and ultimately enhances your chances of ranking for particular keywords and search terms related to your niche.

While many e-commerce companies focus on plugging keywords into their site copy and product pages, the efficacy of these actions pales in comparison to the value that can be extracted from consistent blogging over a long period of time. Naturally incorporating long tail keywords into quality blog posts does far more for SEO than blatant keyword stuffing.

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  1. Blogs are cost effective

It would be incorrect to say that blogging is free. There’s a huge opportunity cost associated with blogging – and you may eventually have to hire a team of writers to handle things in the future – but it’s comparatively cost effective.

In order to get the kind of exposure and lead generation benefits that you’re afforded with blogging, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars on sponsored posts, PPC advertisements, or social media. Depending on the “stickiness” of your topics, you can continue to generate a return on individual blog posts weeks, months, and even years after publishing. And the more you post, the more your traffic compounds and you begin to see tangible monetary benefits.

What are you waiting for?

Blogging isn’t something you can just put on cruise control and step away from. It’s either going to require a lot of your personal time, or you’ll have to allocate a percentage of your monthly budget towards hiring a writer. Regardless, it’s going to take a commitment on your part. With that being said, the benefits of launching, growing and maintaining a thriving e-commerce blog far supersede the work that goes into the process.

If your e-commerce site is still sitting on the sidelines, then it’s time that you make a decision. Are you going to continue watching other brands surpass you, or will you get your hands dirty and start working?

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Adwords ppc services company in india

Successful  Google AdWords crusades are the foundation of any profitable online  advertising activity.

Our AdWords management services  have helped more than 350 organizations produce over $30,000,000 in income. Our clients incorporate traded on an open market organizations producing a billion dollars every year and little mother and-pop boutiques alike.

unlike to many agencies, we don’t require long haul contracts. In case you’re business is spending (or willing to spend) in any event $2500/month on Google AdWords, there’s a decent shot our group can essentially expand the profitability of your campaigns.

Read on to take in more about our AdWords administration bundles or round out the frame to talk with one of our account managers.

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search campaign –

Search Campaign advertisements are accessible in Google Adwords, Bing, yahoo ads. These are very changing over advertisements as we target client goal. Demonstrate different data in advertisements to get very pertinent clients on your site.


Display campaigns –

Display campaigns are similarly useful for lead generation, deals and marking. Advertisements can be appeared to wide group of onlookers rundown and gathering of people can be focused with statistic, intrigue, point they are review and are viewing etc.

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 Re-marketing –

A text of Display promotions where you can demonstrate focused on advertisements (content, flags) to your site reviews guest. Its effective viable in getting rehashed customers/visitors and branding..

Youtube Video Ads –

Youtube.com is second biggest web search tool after google where a large number of individuals view recordings. You can advance your video in any youtube video and additionally indicate pennants.

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Magento development services provides


3waysolution  has a rich history of working in e-commerce with Magento development services and Magento design services provider. We are highly experienced in e-commerce Magento services provider.

We build e-commerce solutions websites, Magento e-commerce shopping cart, Magento e-commerce storefront & custom Magento e-commerce websites, which helps you to turn visitors into customers. Integrating communications, data management, and security, we offer Magento development solutions to businesses located globally.

Magento has revolutionized the entire world with their innovation and services. Since e-commerce has taken over the market, the role of Magento is vital in their services. The highly qualified team of Magento has served their customer with stress-free operations in their business. Magento services are integrated from handling the queries to giving the help and support in any challenges faced by the users.

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When an e-commerce business is set up, one requires technical assistance for maintenance of the website, adding new features as needed in nature of the business. The platform provided and served to the customers is highly efficient and grandeur. The user can always advise while the Magento website developers are building your website about any specification to make it more enticing and interesting.

We are supported by a team of proficient Magento certified developers; we are always ready to combat every challenge that comes in our way to improvise your site presence over the web. Focused on ROI with respect to your valuable investment, our team of certified Magento Developers ensures 100% accountability and efficiency in all the services.

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Innovative Solutions: – An innovative e-commerce application always helps to increase clients business and customer frequency. We are focused on the innovative approach to eCommerce functionality and process.

Scalable Solutions: – We offer scalable e-commerce solutions which are flexible enough to meet your needs of future expansion.

Custom web store: – We are highly experienced in custom development, Magento upgrades, Magento modules and design activities. We are a team of highly qualified, experienced, certified developers.

Highly Customizable: – We want our customer to get what is the best solution for their unique requirements. Our team delivers custom solutions to meet our clients’ need and business requirement.

E-commerce Experts: – We are e-commerce experts and supply excellent and exceptional solutions for you.


CodeIgniter Development Company Service provides

CodeIgniter Development Service provides –


3waysolution is a renowned CodeIgniter Development Company based in India, specialized in providing customized web application development that is entirely aligned with MVC framework. The CodeIgniter website development, integration & up gradation services for diverse project requirements. well-documented stages, and optimal speed.

In the present scenario, CodeIgniter is the most promising framework with inherent benefits. In recent market, plenty of open source platform available that help you to get you best website, but there is only a few of them such as CodeIgniter which allows having a trouble free, user-friendly website and in addition provides easy modification as per client’s requirements. CodeIgniter is one among those tools that serve you with extra functionalities and a simple approach to create great and amazing websites. CodeIgniter development allows seamless database integration make it an asset in PHP app development projects.

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CodeIgniter is right MVC framework, for exceptional performance, nearly zero error, no requirement of using the command line, encouraging coding rules, eschew complexity, favoring simple solutions and clear, thorough documentation. The term outsourcing or offshore software development has been usually termed as reducing cost, but with Train apart from receiving the benefit of 75% savings on website development in CodeIgniter framework, our service can give you several other benefits too.

Our CodeIgniter Development Services Include

  • CodeIgniter Custom Application Development
  • CodeIgniter Portal Development
  • CodeIgniter Mobile Development
  • CodeIgniterEcommerce Development
  • API development using CodeIgniter
  • Migration and Upgradation Services
  • CI Content Management System (CMS) Solution
  • CodeIgniter Web Development
  • CodeIgniter Application Development
  • CI Module & Plugin Integration
  • Maintenance & Support

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In the present exceedingly focused online situation, you require a significant comprehension of your potential customer base; their concerning issues and the approaches to induce their obtaining choices keeping in mind the end goal to outperform and develop your business. 3waysolution has built up the best-showcasing models that can interface all brands with their imminent customers through a client driven substance that is effortlessly accessible, consumable and shareable. With our brilliant advertising apparatuses, you can remain associated with your customers while advancing your business in the meantime. You needn’t bother with the support of paid ads or necessary to put resources into high generation cost or in some other component; with our to a great degree capable administrations, you can undoubtedly and rapidly reach to target markets. We offer a broad range of profoundly effective web promoting specialist co-ops:.

Search engine optimization Services: having a site is no attention unless it gets no consideration. With our faultless administrations, your site will rank on the principal page of MSN, Yahoo, and Google, similar to a real search engine.

PPC Services: While different company makes you experience the ill effects of the changeless danger of publicizing expenses and boundless snap extortion on the web promoting organization, we guarantee that your speculation on us will work for you and give the magnificent outcomes than anybody.

Email Marketing Service: The usefulness of email promoting efforts is not as simple as it looks. We won’t just take after its adequacy yet will likewise register it from running with spam envelope. We will give you the best web-based promoting background keeping in mind the end goal to make your online business well known and sought after.

Link Popularity Management Services: Link building and connection fame assume a key part in the accomplishment of any site. Your online business can lose permeability with a connection to a wrong site or a wrong connection back. We at 3waysolution help you with our optimal administrations of third party referencing.

 Social media Marketing: SMO instruments from 3waysolution  supports you to remain associated with your customers by sharing general interests, opinions and experiences.

3waysolution is the famous web promoting specialist co-ops Company in India for dealing with each venture with the most extreme capability and fantastic commitment to giving phenomenal outcomes to your business development. The experts at 3waysolution can help you in changing your online business a fruitful wander. Our attitude is obvious in an affirmed reputation of productively making web business through invulnerable web showcasing methodologies. In this way, what are you sitting tight for… Call us now… !!